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What makes this domain name so valuable?

Similar Domains in use now:

Based in Lancaster, Ohio this website is online marketplace for breeders to list and sell puppies.  But its domain name naturally limits it to puppies only.   

The domain name carries an inherent advantage in that it doesn’t limit you to selling any one type of pet.  You can sell all legal pets with this domain name, including puppies. 

You could conceivably build the largest online pet marketplace in the country with this domain name.  Amish Country is heavily marketed nationwide for rural tourism and shopping. has valuable brand equity and name recognition already built in.  All you have to do is brand your business with this domain name and get to work. 

Berlin Pet Shoppe is a pet shop located in Berlin, Ohio — a tourist village in Ohio’s Amish Country.  It uses the domain name  

Everything seems to be well and good so far.  But notice the discrepancy between the actual name of the business (“Shoppe“) and the domain name.  This is a potential problem because someone appears to be domain-squatting on the domain name that exactly matches their actual business name.

The squatter’s domain name sends traffic to a parking page that displays links to other pet shops and pet food suppliers.  The legitimate domain name will never see this lost traffic and the owners may not even know it’s occurring.  

With the domain name you can avoid this confusion and prevent the leaking of your valuable web traffic to other pet shops. is strongly associated with Amish Country branding and you can use it to dominate competitors like this one. 

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