Books I'm reading

December 2021 - January 2022

Mine Were of Trouble

A Nationalist Account of The Spanish Civil War


Real Christianity: Taking Christendom Back

Catechism of Saint Pius X

This is the true (non-modernist) versiion

Supplements I use

Each of these things solves a problem for me or gives me a competitive edge.

Vitamin D3

5000iu soft gel capsules (360 ct.)

I work in a home office in Ohio where I get no appreciable exposure to sunlight from November to May. So I supplement with 4 of these capsules of Vitamin D3 every morning. 

This 20,000 i.u. dose is about what my skin produces for me when I’m out in the sun for 30 minutes on a bright summer day.  This form works best for me because it is encapsulated with olive oil and D3 is fat-soluble, only.  Otherwise, I would have to be sure to eat breakfast with fat, and I don’t always have time to do that.  

This regimen has dramatically improved my ability to focus, and to maintain deep concentration for hours at a time.  

Unexpectedly, it also eliminated debilitating thoracic back pain that I suffered with for more than 5 years. 

Vitamin D3 in this strength is highly effective and nearly as cheap as dirt. I’ll never stop using it. 

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Vitamin K2

100 mcg (250 count)

I take a double dose of K2 at this strength daily to prevent hypercalcification that can infrequently occur from taking a very high dose of vitamin D3 over many months or years. 

It’s not as cheap as vitamin D3 is, and I may not even need it. But I know people who suffer from kidney stones and I’m not willing to join them voluntarily.

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Creatine Powder

HCl & Monohydrate

Creatine is probably the most-studied bodybuilding supplement in nutritional literature, and it is the only one proven to work. Meatheads have been using it for decades to recruit more energy in weightlifting workouts.

I use it to keep more energy available to me throughout the work day.   

It also improves my ability to concentrate mentally for long periods of time.  This was a surprise to me, and I didn’t expect it because I hadn’t read any of the decades of nutritional and neurological literature supporting it. 

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Pet care

My dog will turn 13 years old in March 2022. He's as strong and well as he was at 7 years.

In addition to an hour of daily outdoor exercise, here's what I use to support his health.

Taste of the Wild dog food

No grain, corn, wheat, artificial flavors or artificial colors

In his fourth year, my dog needed veterinary attention for recurring skin irritations in his ear canals.  

I switched him to this no-grain dog food, and eliminated grain from his diet in any other form. He’s had no problems of this kind in nine years since.

Along with daily outdoor exercise, the high protein content in this food is probably the strongest contributing factor to his long healthy life.

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Pretty Pooch

All-natural dog shampoo

My dog has a long fur coat that must be brushed almost daily and washed weekly. 

I’ve given him hundreds of baths with this all-natural shampoo. 

It smells great, protects him from insect pests and he’s never had to soak in chemicals and artificial perfumes and coloring agents. 

This is made in Ohio’s Amish Country by people I know personally. Since they have no national advertising program, it’s unlikely that you’d have heard of it if not for me.  

You’re welcome.

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On rare occasions when he’s been infected by fleas, I’ve used this medicated shampoo to treat my dog’s skin irritations and even infections. 

It’s mainly coal tar which is a very old and effective farm remedy for livestock, pets and people. 

Strongly recommended. 

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